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    Amidst the Two Channels connecting the atoll’s inner lagoon and the outer sea on the North Eastern side of Faadhippolhu, is an amazingly and stunningly designed island resort named Fushifaru.

  • "Sense of Adventure "
  • You can have a wonderful experience in this island as it offers a lovely environment for the travelers to enjoy with their loved ones and especially to enjoy the exciting sense of adventure and hospitality the resort has to offer.

  • "Experience the Sky high"
  • Fushifaru, which is more than an island resort, more of a natural wonder, is covered by a nationally protected reef which can be reached out via a delightful sea plane ride of about 35 minutes experiencing the sky high view of the lively island nation host.

  • "A Jungle like Lush"
  • The spa in the resort also is surrounded by a jungle like lush greenery providing a scent of frangipani flowers to its customers.

  • Features
  • Why Select This Resort?

  • Simple Booking

  • This website will make the whole booking procedure simple and it'll be much easier to access.

  • Entertainment for the entire family

  • From the youngest to the eldest, each one of them will remain busy with different entertainment programs.

  • A variety of excellent food and drinks

  • The food and drinks provided will have a greater variety, so that you'll never get tired of your meals.

  • Friendly ,helpful staff

  • The friendly staff will make sure that you would feel comfortable enough and will help you with everything.

  • Activities

  • In resorts, the various types of activities will differ from time to time according to the seasonal changes.

  • Quick resolution of problems

  • Without hesitation, any problem or a complaint will be taken into consideration and the necessary solutions will be given.

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  • Why Select This Resort?

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