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  • Maldives Foodgasm

    The Maldives is not only surfing, honeymooning, and diving! To all you travel addicts up for new experiences, Maldives is a great cuisine destination too.

    Yes, I am going to reveal the big truth, the Maldives is a foodies destination.

    I know all of you may know have heard the Maldives owns underwater restaurants; yes they do exist, yes the Maldives has them.

    The Maldives has a collection of world-renowned chefs, along with a collection of Michelin superstars that are a part of this great Maldives attraction.

    Wait don’t the Maldives have Maldivian food? YES, they do.

    What other cuisines are spread out in the Maldives? You have the Thai, Italian, Japanese, Asian fusion, wait it goes on to South American and African as well.

    If you seek, you can get a creative end to your palate, the Michelin chefs have lined up some unique trademark dishes just for you.

    On very personal experience, I have certain food allergies, which with age I grew out of. With age still, the smell or the mention of the food nauseated me.
    I went a bit daredevil once, to try dishes that consisted of my old allergies. Knowing it would take a toll on me, not due to allergies, but that my taste buds would instantly reject them; I rose up to the challenge.
    I went through several dishes to which I thought I would have a rough ride but fell madly deeply in love with each bite I took.

    The Maldives you made me fall in love with great cuisines all over again!

    Next time you think the Maldives, think Fooooooooodddddddd………….

    By: Liswith Obinamuni

    Is the Maldives only a Honeymoon destination? What about families?

    Yes, the Maldives is ideal for Honeymooners and couples.

    Is it ideal for families as well? Will the kids have fun? Can even teens enjoy it?

    Yes, the Maldives is not only a couple’s getaway but a Robinson Crusoe expedition for your family too.
    Maldives resorts are equipped with kid’s club, kid’s pools, and teen entertainment; such as PS4s and Xboxes.

    Kid’s clubs in the Maldives are action-packed. Every Kid’s club has daily activities to keep your kids super engaged and to gain a learning experience too. Group activities such as cooking, snorkeling, and teaching of the Maldives marine life are amongst a few of them.

    If your family is traveling with your toddler, yes resorts do provide babysitting services.
    Wait you might think if the Maldives is so famous for Honeymooners, will the rooms only be able to accommodate two people? Will my kids have enough space? Will they provide extra beds? What about a cot for my baby?

    It’s a YES to all of the above. They do have two bedroom categories, some even three and even four. Do not worry if your kids’ bedding or meals, resorts are well equipped to handle it all.
    Next time you are thinking of an escape with your family, do not second guess that haven Maldives.
    It too should be a part of your travel bucket list.

    By: Liswith Obinamuni

    Why the Maldives people ask me?

    Comparing other destinations of Sun, Sea, and sand; Maldives is a destination I have truly had the blessing of experiencing its virtues.

    Very often people question what is special in the Maldives other destination do not have. What do we seek in our vacation memorable, fun and better yet an escape from our lives our own castaway; breaking free from stress, tired life, busy life, the worries we carry that would be more like the blunt truth our distraction.

    Has anyone wondered from a business perspective why in the small islands all international brands globally come together in one country? Where else does this heaven of luxury exist? Why fashion brands open resorts as a franchise in the Maldives?

    Yes, there is the obvious that the Maldives has to offer the luxury, pampering, the tropical weather, sun, the clear blue waters, coral and the breathtaking marine life that is always stated and emphasized on.

    The Maldives is a seclusion destination, a switch off destination, an escape destination. The aura of Maldives is such that you truly emotionally and mentally disconnect from worldly worries. A destination you feel your honeymoon is endless, your family vacation is fun-filled like the whole island is your playground. Your worries, stress and busy life take a sink. This is neither a party destination nor a shopping fiesta. It’s your solitude.

    The Maldives is where a vacation is not complex, a destination that spells vacation away from home, stress, work the perfect getaway and one of the few destinations where it is on arrival visa for 30 days for the whole world. The time you’re truly disconnected from the world and you concentrate on the people you share your journey with.

    That is why the Maldives is special! The Maldives is your Robinson Crusoe experience, your escape, your family time and your never-ending honeymoon.


    By: Liswith Obinamuni

    Seaplane in the Maldives

    Seaplane, it’s a twin otter flight that lands on water. Occupancy varying from 10 to 14 passengers.
    Seaplane transfers are always combinable with other passengers, but YES it can be chartered just for your privacy & discretion as well.

    Arriving at Male International Airport, immigration would require your Travel voucher for visa formalities.
    Once baggage cleared and collected you shall be exiting.

    Walking out you shall see a paging board by your resort or travel company. You shall be greeted and you shall be facing all resort and DMC counters. Once your names have been crossed checked against the arrival list. You shall be taken to the seaplane check-in counters that are situated on the right.

    Your passport shall be requested and where they shall be issuing your seaplane tickets. Though it is not an International airline, yes they have a baggage allowance as per policy 20kg +5kg, especially those who travel on the business class note and per extra kg should be paid at counters. Check-in shall be collected and hand luggage tagged and returned to you.

    The airport team shall now walk you to their transport which will escort you to the seaplane lounge. 99% of resorts in the Maldives have seaplane lounges where you can refresh, chill, have refreshments and complimentary Wi-Fi as you stay. Once your flight is ready you shall be taking that breathtaking flight to your resort. Yes a view to die for: Maldives Seaplane ride, an experience which I think is a must for your Maldives holiday.

    By: Liswith Obinamuni